Our Story


Mrs Peninah Njoki Njoroge (Mama Mata) is a wife, mother and entrepreneur per-excellence. Her career as a business woman goes back 24 years. For 8 of these years Peninah was Proprietor and Chief Stylist at the iconic Classic Touch Hair Salon in Wangige, Kenya. After migrating to the US in 2002, she continued braiding hair. First at the home of Mrs. Monica Njenga, who generously hosted her for six months, then scaling up in her own apartment. A few years later, Peninah had moved into her own house where she promptly converted the garage into a Beauty Salon. It was here that she also started selling comfort foods and other items sourced from Kenya. Today these efforts have resulted in the first Kenyan Food Market in Houston at the corner of Bissonnet and Eldridge Parkway. Today her expanding enterprises include a thriving online store serving Kenyans in all fifty states among others.

When Peninah arrived in Houston, as most of us can attest, there were many adjustments she had to make. Not only did she have to adapt to a new culture, but the food was also very different. She longed for Kenyan tea, njahi, and other foods she had grown accustomed to. Initially, she would always ask friends travelling to Kenya to bring her a few items. Their arrival would generate lots of excitement from her hair clients. She soon realized that a need existed to provide her fellow Kenyans with products from home. Being an entrepreneur per-excellence, Peninah started a new side gig.

With careful research, planning and execution, she started consistent shipments of food stuffs and other products from Kenya. As word got out, her circle of friends wanting a piece of Kenya grew. And thus, Mama Mata was born. The simple idea behind Mama Mata was to import everyday products we all missed most from back home: Foods, snacks, fabrics and hair care; products that keep us connected to our roots.

The mission at Mama Mata is: "To bring home closer” which entails bringing Kenyan Culture, and everything we love about it closer for one and all to enjoy. To that end, Mama Mata has gone the extra mile to ensure most of your favorite Kenya Foods are available... Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jamhuri Day and Christmas celebrations.

To rediscover your favorite Kenya Foods, Snacks, Authentic African Fabrics, and High-Quality Hair Care Products, please visit Mamamata.com today! If what you want from Kenya is not available at the website, please send an email with your wish list to penny@mamamata.com and Mama Mata will try her best to get it to you.

Store Information:

Location: 13655 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77083
Email: penny@mamamata.com
Ph: 281-776-0171 and 713-922-7514
Facebook: Mamamata
Instragram: @mamamataofficial
Shop hours: Monday-Saturday 9AM to 7PM